Open source solutions customized and supported

Improve, supplement, or replace your existing IT infrastructure with cost-effective and customizable solutions. Never again be locked into a black boxed vendor that holds the keys to your success. At HakkuSekai, we believe that you should have full control and visibility of your infrastructure so that you can truly drive both your own future as well as your success. We provide consultation and can help you get set-up, provide support, and train your staff so that you will always be in control of your own company and services.

Your own personal team of friendly developers

Too busy running your company to track down and fix buggy software? We can be your advocate! With our open source solutions, if you run into a problem we'll handle the work of contacting the developers, submitting bug reports, and even submit our own code fixes all while keeping you updated on the progress in our customer service center. We will even apply our own patches to your software first before they are released to the public: making sure you are up and running as quickly and as effectively as possible in order to keep your company ahead of the game.

Not just open source

Have a vendor that you just can't replace or software with no open source solution? We're here to help! With our many years of IT experience we can be your IT department or that extra helping hand your busy company needs. We'll work on your behalf with any software or device to make sure you are running as effectively as possible. We may even be able to recommend replacements you didn't know existed and help you implement them.

What can HakkuSekai do for you? Contact us today!